The winning Northlea hockey team. Photo Jeff Maysuik.
Curious Idler

The Curious Idler May 2024

  A hockey first at Northlea Elementary & Middle School! There is nothing quite as special as playing for your school team, and it is extra special when your team wins a first-ever championship. That …more

Curious Idler

Curious Idler March 2023

The curious case of the Sleuth of Baker Street Marian Misters and J.D. Singh, the much-loved co-owners of Leaside’s Sleuth of Baker Street, announced in their recent monthly newsletter, The Merchant of Menace, that after …more

Leaside High
Curious Idler

The Curious Idler February 2023

Long-time LHS teacher, Elizabeth “Silver Bullet” Birnie, dies Elizabeth Gail Birnie, a well-loved teacher at Leaside High School in the ’60s and ’70s died this past December. Born in Peterborough, Ont. in 1934, Gail graduated …more