The Curious Idler April 2023

“Your little newspaper stinks!”

That’s what a reader of Leaside Life recently called to tell us.

I replied that I was sorry to hear this and tried to reassure her that our writers and editorial team worked very hard to produce what we and many others believe is a quality publication, one that shares the important and interesting stories with our community.

She continued, “I put your paper in my office last night and when I went there in the morning to read it, my entire office smelled bad, you must be cutting corners and using cheap ink.” Aha, that kind of stink – the nose kind.

This prompted us to reach out to our printer and see if anything had changed in the printing process we use. The printer assured us “that we use the same standard printing process as always. Our inks are vegetable-based inks and are widely in use on many of the coldset web presses. The paper we use is from quick growth sustainable renewable plots of land.”

And we do want our readers to know, we welcome any feedback, even it means you think we stink.

Calling all Lancers! LHS alumni mini reunion

Leaside High School has been one of the cornerstones of our community for over 75 years. The bonds and friendship that one creates during the formative high school years are unlike any other. Often with a few more pounds and a few less hairs, the act of coming together to renew these friendships is a cherished tradition. The LHS Alumni Association is inviting all former Lancers to join them on Sat., April 29, 2-4 p.m. at the Leaside Pub. The gathering is open to all LHS alumni, so if you are Class of ’45 or the Class of 2022, all are welcome. $5 at the door covers the cost of the hor d’oeuvres. “Seas Gu Dileas!”

Leaside students push their limits to support youth mental health

If you happened to be in Kingston, Ont. during the weekend of March 3-5th, you might have seen four university students running around the clock as they participated in the Goggins Challenge. A challenging physical and mental feat, the Push Your Limits Goggins Challenge is an endurance test in support of youth mental health at the North York General Hospital. Lucas White, William Neale, Connor Ciotlos and Thomas Wijesinha, all north Leasiders and Northlea alumni, are now roommates at Queens University. As third-year students in challenging programs, the boys still felt it was important to make time to raise over $1700 to support their community back home. When asked why they felt compelled to help, without hesitation, the response was that the issues around youth mental health are real and they wanted to help. Lucas White also stated that many young people, especially men, do not believe they can talk about mental health or ask for help. He encourages youth not to fear asking for help, and to reach out to a parent, friend, or counsellor for support. Donations can still be made at To support our Leaside boys, just enter any of their names in the Individual search bar. For more information:

Bennington Heights’ Tim Magwood to release fourth album at the famed El Mocambo

Tim Magwood & the Riffers (Jim Dale, Pat Fockler, Andy Fockler, Jamie Nicholas and Jesse Nestor) will be hosting the official launch of their 4th album at the El Mocambo on Friday, May 5th, 2023. The new nine-song album is entitled Lone Streetlight. Fans of the folk, rock and blues style music will have an opportunity to hear all the new songs along with Tim’s energized storytelling. Magwood’s previous albums include Zig Zag Bridge (2010), Endless Sky (2013) and Scorpio Soul (2017). The songs on his latest project, Lone Streetlight, explore a full range of human emotions, from angst and loneliness to hope. All were written during Covid. Tickets for the May 5th show can be purchased through