Terry Fallis. Photo credit Tim Fallis.
Terry Fallis

Pining for Paris

Now that we’re in the second wave of the pandemic, I’ve transitioned from just missing those many joys of our daily lives that we’ve given up for the last eight months, to abject, hardcore, unadulterated …more

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Enjoy the ride!

We’re in the midst of a transformation. Yes, some of the transformation is being driven by the pandemic and the pivots we are all making. But much of the transformation in Leaside is happening organically. …more

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Editor’s Welcome

There wasn’t a letter from the Queen. No one (physically distanced) delivered a big fancy cake. There weren’t even any (virtual) slaps on the back and comments like “Wow, you look great for your age!” …more

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Are we there yet?

What parent hasn’t heard this familiar question from a child wondering when a car trip will ever, ever end? But now, it seems we’re all asking this question. Are we there yet? In late May …more