Roaring into the new year

2024 is the Year of the (Wood) Dragon in the Chinese zodiac. While Chinese New Year’s does not arrive until February, somehow the dragon seems an appropriate symbol for this entire new year.

In Chinese culture, the dragon is a powerful representation of good luck, strength and health, and also renewal, inspiration and innovation. In other words, positive energy, promise, and dare I say, hope. We could certainly use more of these qualities after a difficult and dispiriting 2023.

We’re here to deliver.

Leaside Life receives a lot of queries from Leasiders and other Torontonians with stories to tell and suggestions for people they think we should be featuring. I started noticing at the end of last year that many of the emails were about creative locals – artists, authors, kids with unique (successful) fundraising ideas. These are stories we want to tell, and enjoy telling.

Here’s just one example: In this issue Suzanne Park profiles local artist Martha Johnson, who finds her inspiration in Leaside’s gullies and ravines. Her latest exhibition, Veritas Green, focuses on “green” landscapes, including some right here in Leaside. As she told Suzanne, “A major portion of my visual art practice, painting and sculpting local wildlife, began with the sighting of a grey wolf crossing Wicksteed in Thorncliffe over 20 years ago.”

A perfect example of inspiration.

We hope you’ll continue to read Leaside Life, be inspired, and maybe even share a story idea with us, since you are, ultimately, our greatest inspiration.

Happy New Year!

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