Editor’s Welcome April 2024

Leaside Litterati returns

When I came on board at Leaside Life seven years ago, there were already several stalwarts contributing regularly to the publication: among them, publisher Lorna Krawchuk, Saving Old Leaside columnist Geoff Kettel, and LRA co-president Carol Burtin Fripp, who had already set the tone for the types of issues we wanted to bring to readers’ attention.

I “inherited” some interesting columns, too. Among them was the deliciously titled Leaside Litterati, featuring local “plogger” Cheryl Vanderburg, who picks up litter during walks through her neighbourhood. Far from a passive plogger, though, Cheryl is more a guerrilla garbage collector invested in educating all of us to be more aware of our surroundings and showing how we’re harming our personal environment through wanton disregard.

Readers could always count on her to write Leaside-specific columns particularly during April, Earth Month. After an absence during the pandemic, I am thrilled that our favourite plogger is back in this issue of Leaside Life with her wit and wisdom in support of Earth Day activities, and specifically Toronto’s 20-Minute Makeover on Friday, April 19.

Here’s vintage Cheryl: “Friday is the 20-Minute Makeover where we’re encouraged to pick a public space that needs our help, such as a park, sidewalk or ravine. No shortage of those here in Leaside! … Surely each of us can spare 20 minutes to ‘clean our rooms.’”

You’ll know Cheryl when you spot her: she’s the one with the curly hair who’s always looking down and picking up rubbish.

Welcome, back, Cheryl. We’ve missed you!

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