Photo of Sandy Beach, Seta Danielian and Ivan Proudian. Photo taken by Jane Wisking.

How sweet it is on Bayview

I’m sure many of you know that “dolce” means “sweet” in Spanish or Italian, but what about “gourmando”? Turns out it’s not a word in any language, though we probably all know a gourmando or ...more


Leaside High Entrance.

Attention LHS grad classes!

Unlock your inner Woodward & Bernstein with this new scholarship Leaside Life is interested in promoting and supporting the art of journalism and creative writing, and to that end, we are proud to announce The ...more


LGS Planter

The Curious Idler

Curious Idler
About our cover For many of us, the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic put our lives on hold. For others, it created the opportunity to see the world, our city and our neighbourhoods with a ...more




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  1. Leaside Garden Society – February 2022

    February 10 @ 7:00 pm


  • Jaye Robinson Incumbent, 
Former Ward 25
    Leaside Traffic Management Plan update The first virtual public consultation meeting for the Leaside Traffic Management Plan (TMP) will be happening soon. While the meeting was originally scheduled for the evening of Tues., Jan. 18, ...more


  • A streetscape in Leaside.
    It’s the beginning of a new year! Time for the Leaside Residents Association to start compiling our wish list for 2022. We start with a wish for increased public involvement in local issues (yes, that ...more