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The Curious Idler

Leaside – sold out?! Did you know? In 1950, Mayor H.H. Talbot and Reeve Trace Manes declared that the population had hit the 11,000 mark. They suggested a “sold out” sign should be hung on …more

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Letters October 2020

Re: Cycling in Leaside Ms. Burtin Fripp’s balanced and thoughtful article inviting a renewed discussion on cycling in the city and more specifically in Leaside was innocuous enough that Mr. Cartney’s tartly worded response then …more

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Letters July 2020

Say yes to the mask! I read with interest Glenn Asano’s article in Leaside Life about Darren Sampson and NovoMask. On April 11, I ordered one dozen masks from Darren after reading his post on …more


MacFAB reopens

Some good news on the retail front:  A Bayview Ave. institution reopens its doors For 65 years, the name macFAB (formerly MacDonald-Faber) has been well known in Toronto’s fashion, fabric and home décor scene. macFAB, …more

COVID-19 Leaside Heroes.

Local Heroes

2020. The world has turned upside down.  An unfathomable pandemic has unleashed physical, emotional, and economic strain in every corner of the globe. Days of uncertainty and fear have turned into weeks, and weeks have …more