Letters – March 2015

She thought Sunnybrook could not be changed

Really enjoy Leaside Life. I feel it keeps me up to date on all that is happening in our area.

I was not altogether shocked to see that there is a proposal to build on Sunnybrook Plaza. However, I was told many years ago that Sunnybrook Plaza was the first strip mall in Canada (not just Toronto) and because of that it was grade two listed and could not be changed.

It is almost the only place in the immediate area where you can park and shop, has a great pharmacy, hardware store plus a few other important stores. I cannot see two condo towers in this space or perhaps I do not want to.

Regarding litter, I am tired of the lazy people around Bayview and Eglinton bus stops who just drop their litter anywhere other than the litter bin. The four bus stops on the south east corner appear to be the worst offenders. There are no garbage bins in this area, however there is one outside 1750 Bayview that is very lonely and requires garbage. Maybe this could be moved over there? Does the city look at these very dirty areas?

Margaret Seal,
Bayview Ave.

I am writing about the letter sent to you by Rea Godbold in the February edition of Leaside Life. My name is Pat Poole and I am a sister of the late Jack Caffery, who was inducted into the Leaside Sports Hall of Fame in November. I agree it was a wonderful evening especially for Jack’s widow, Lorraine, my sister, Helen McCarthy, my brother, Terry and our spouses. We miss Jack and also our brother Don Caffery, who passed away in 1997.

We were thrilled to meet up with our old neighbours that evening, Gary Malpass and Ross Lomax. Ross lived two doors away and our mothers were very close friends even after they both left Hanna Rd. I will see that Ross gets a copy of Leaside Life.

Pat Poole,
Bayview Ave.

I enjoy your publication very much although there are many items I disagree with. But to say I disagree with the proposal of building twin towers at the Sunnybrook Plaza is an understatement.

Anyone involved with this proposal who lives in this neighbourhood would know how great it is to have this little plaza. It is not only used by an enormous number of people but serves a real need and gives jobs to many people. It is a great addition to this area.

We do not need another condo building in this neighbourhood. This area is small and to put any size of condos in it would not only cause devastating traffic problems but it would just look terrible jamming these two structures into a small space.

We already have, north of Bayview, a number of new condos going up that are not affordable for the average person. This too will cause additional traffic, which is already over stressed.

I am not against development but to squeeze ugly buildings into every little space that only benefits the developers is wrong.

I have lived in this area for over 40 years. My children went to St. Anselm school and we still live in the area. We have seen the awful building of plazas and numerous other things that will still be going up around Laird. This is not making the neighbourhood better. It’s just making it larger.

Anna Meihm Lopes,
Bayview Ave.