Letters – October 2013

Is this an improvement?

To Councillor John Parker:

Although it seems a little ungrateful to complain, there has been an “improvement” in the area which is not one. The shelter at the north corner of Sutherland and Bayview is of most peculiar construction.

The old one offered shelter from wind, rain, sun. The new one is shallower, about 10 feet high, and offers absolutely no protection from the weather.

Its sole function seems to be to support two giant advertising displays. If that is what it is meant to be, it is well done.

If persons are to be served in any practical way while waiting for buses, it is a miserable failure.

I know that you are always attentive to constituent complaints and would ask if you would please look at this shelter and possibly even have it modified or replaced before winter. You can be sure that it would be appreciated. Thank you.

Shirley Bush, 
Bayview Ave.

To Shirley Bush:

Thank you for taking the time to write with the concern….

By copy of this reply to city road right-of-way staff I ask them to look into the matter and comment. By further copy to my assistant Joan Henry I ask her to follow up and keep me informed as necessary.

John Parker

To John Parker and Shirley Bush:

The accessibility guidelines require 2.1 M of sidewalk space to ensure that those in wheelchairs can use the shelters. When that space is not available, we install a canopy shelter which is what Shirley is describing in her email.

Since the old shelter was originally built, those guidelines have been increased to ensure that disabled people have full access to some shelter. A compromise for able bodied people but a gain for those who need to get around in wheelchairs.

I hope this answers the question.

Ron Hutchinson,  
Senior Vice-President, Real Estate, Bell Media

To Leaside Life:

It seems ridiculous to ensure that wheelchairs must have room to enter an inadequate shelter which replaces a relatively useful one which offered some protection even to a wheelchair.

These “shelters” truly do appear to be purely advertising opportunities.

…the thought of more shelters being replaced in Leaside with these abominations and winter coming with cold rain and snow, chills me even in current heat and humidity.

Shirley Bush

Is this a tree problem?

Recently a lot of money has been invested planting trees on Bayview Ave. between Millwood Rd. to north of Fleming Cres.

It’s a great idea to try to “green up” the neighbourhood, but has anyone noticed that directly above the trees which were planted are power lines? We’ve all seen how Hydro deals with trees and wires… they put a huge divot in the tree to keep its limbs away from the lines.

Maybe some thought should have been given to burying the lines before the trees went in, especially as on Bayview the wires occupy both the west and east side of the road, which is an eyesore as it is.

I’m not looking forward to a row of mutilated trees along Bayview… the trees have enough struggles ahead of them as it is.

James Weekes,
Manor Rd. East