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After we put each issue of Leaside Life to bed, I never know for sure which stories will resonate with you, our readers, and prompt letters to us. Occasionally, we hear from you correcting inaccuracies …more

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Letters October 2021

Goodbye to Pat & Joe’s Hello, I was sad to read Greig Henderson’s article about Tony and Rocky closing down. I started going to Joe’s barber shop about 1975. I actually went to that shop …more

Stuffies may be banned from the crib, but that doesn’t mean your grandchild can’t have some! Photo by Simon Rayment.

Grandma gets schooled

News flash for expectant grandparents – most of what you took as gospel in baby care doesn’t apply anymore. If you don’t want to be that grandparent who endlessly defends old-school practices to your son …more