Editor: Time for a food truck revolution in Leaside?

A few years ago, our intrepid Business of Leaside columnist Glenn Asano posed this question about Leaside’s Business Park: Why not a food truck festival? After all, there’s ample room in the park for the rolling behemoths. There are any number of foodpreneurs in Leaside eager to showcase their culinary wares. And there’s surely an audience hungering for food truck-sized tasty treats.

So, imagine my surprise when a writer new to Leaside Life – Lisa Parker (welcome, Lisa!) – came to us wanting to profile Leaside business feasTO, which touts itself as Canada’s first dumpling food truck. Not only are food trucks viable in Leaside, but there’s already one here, which has been thriving for years, even during the pandemic. This business managed to pivot during those lean times with a move into frozen dumplings, and in the process gained new converts.

Now in our post-pandemic times, feasTO is once more on the move, to various locations around TO.

But back to Glenn’s not so pie-in-the-sky idea: a Leaside-based food truck festival. There’s already a popular food truck event in Woodbine Park, in August this year, but surely there’s room in the city for more than one such festival.

Food trucks are having a moment…again! What would happen if word got out that Leaside’s Business Park is open for food truck business? I taste opportunity.

What do you think? Are you a food truck devotee? Want to sample more food truck delights closer to home? Let us know at .


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