Letters – February 2014

I’m worried too

Re: January letter by Bob Moenck.

I also have major concerns around the amount of traffic in Leaside and how it will be disrupted greatly over the next couple of years with the building of the LRT.

By 3 p.m. traffic at Leslie, McRae, Wicksteed, Brentcliffe and Eglinton is beginning to jam up at the various intersections of the mentioned roads, causing a nightmare situation sometimes as everyone is vying for “their turn” to travel on the road. Gridlock becomes inevitable.

Traffic can be tied up for blocks on Brentcliffe, not to mention the various sidestreets leading to Brentcliffe, and other feeder sidestreets in Leaside to Eglinton, causing frustration for everyone trying to circumvent the traffic on Eglinton going both east and west.

All the smaller streets in this area will be compromised as people look for an alternative route to Eglinton, or maybe just to get home if they live in Leaside as I do.

With the advent of more box stores, already approved, traffic will become even worse on these streets, at all times, not just during rush hour. AND there is a proposal for a huge complex at 939 Eglinton which would compound traffic problems even more? I truly question the validity of even considering this.

I agree with Bob Moenck’s concerns about this huge 939 Eglinton complex and also wonder why the LPOA and Leaside Life are not trying to restrict this development to a more reasonable height and size. The proposal as it stands now is going to have a staggering influence on traffic that will make travel in this area almost impossible during rush hour and very complicated at other times.

Aside from the traffic concerns, what about schools (there will be children living there) that are already overcrowded? The sheer size of this complex would recreate many problems that do not even seem to be being considered.

Where are you LPOA? Why is there no protest against this egregious development right on our doorstep?

Margo Holland,
Thursfield Cres.

The LPOA responds

Both Mr. Moenck (in last month’s edition) and Ms Holland (above) are right to express concerns about the proposed mega-development for 939 Eglinton East at Brentcliffe.

Unfortunately, both missed reading the LPOA’s May 2013 column in Leaside Life in which I reported that the LPOA had been – and continues to be – actively attentive to this matter.

The LPOA board met with the developer and his team last March. Steve Diamond, of Diamond Corporation, presented a preliminary design of their proposal, which we criticized as both too massive and too dense. Resultant traffic problems on our residential streets, and the impact on businesses in the Leaside Business Park, would be immense.

We will certainly be opposing its size, density, and potential negative effects, as soon as the city has released its staff report on the proposal, and calls a statutory public meeting. But until the city does so, it is premature – and not productive – to do more.

The LPOA may also call our own public meeting, to ensure that Leasiders have the maximum opportunity to state their opinions.

During 2013 the LPOA has also participated in the Eglinton Connects planning process, which includes consideration of the Eglinton-Laird-Brentcliffe block as a “focus area”. We have opposed any suggestion by city planning that the block be considered for future high rise development. Thus far, the city’s planning department has not taken an official position

In her letter to Leaside Life, Ms Holland raises the matter of retail-oriented traffic impacts on residential streets. LPOA is working on this as well: we will be undertaking a traffic study aimed at protecting the safety and liveability of our streets. We are also about to request meetings with the relevant authorities (Metrolinx, TTC, city transportation staff, and our councillor) to look for ways of minimizing problems on our streets during the LRT construction period.

I encourage all Leasiders to contact LPOA with questions and concerns, on these and other matters large and small, and to come to our monthly meetings (first Wednesday of each month, at 7:30 p.m. in the Trace Manes building). Also, check out our website, which we try to keep up to date.

As I’ve mentioned from time to time in my Leaside Life columns, the LPOA takes our direction from you: Leasiders. So we want to hear from you!

Carol Burtin Fripp
LPOA Vice President
Southvale Dr.