Letters – September 2016

Merlin perched in Leaside

Cover Story – Meet a new neighbor

The bird in the picture of the above article is not a peregrine falcon but a merlin. My husband and I are bird watchers (very amateur), but when looking at the picture we knew the bird in it is not a peregrine.

(They usually nest on very tall buildings in TO.) We sent the pic to our zoologist friend who confirmed our suspicion. Merlin. Still pretty cool as they have also made a remarkable expansion in the last 30 years. Used to think of them as a bird of northern forests, but now they are nesting in urban areas where there are tall conifers.

Dana Armstrong,
Manor Rd. East

Cover Story – Meet a new neighbor

I enjoyed your lead story in the most recent issue of Leaside Life; however, the photo featured with the story is of a merlin falcon, not a peregrine. “Peterson’s Field Guide to Birds of North America” says that peregrines may be identified by their very distinctive dark patches on their cheeks. The bird in the photo does not have these patches.

Doneve Tobin,
McRae Dr.

Congrats on 2 great articles in the July 1 edition

Tree Protection Zone SignWill Ashworth, you are bang on with the TPZ (Tree Protection Zone) issue. We went through the whole process, paid the deposit to the city, retained an arborist, etc., etc. Imagine my chagrin when I walked to the next block and found 3 TPZs that weren’t even close to code. Calling the city was pointless as it turned out. So, yes, I will happily endorse the concept of a Leaside Builders’ Seal of Approval.

And thank you Carol Burtin Fripp for highlighting an ongoing safety issue in the neighbourhood. Not only do the majority of drivers ignore posted limits, most seem blissfully unaware of the need to actually stop at a STOP sign. TPS appears equally indifferent as multiple ‎reports filed online have been ignored. It is only a matter of time before another pedestrian is injured or worse.

Jamie Coulter,
Bayview Ave.

Tree enclosure

We live at Leaside Gate. Our daily walk takes us past a building site on Randolph Rd. There is a tree, protected by an enclosure that serves as a garbage dump. Among the garbage is an old toilet. We fear for the survival of the tree. What can be done, what can we do? We contacted 311 some time ago and got the enclosure, but it seems it is not enough.

John and Ursula Buzacott,
Leaside Gate