Letters – June 2015

The BIA’s efforts to improve parking issues along Bayview should not just focus on cars. Leaside is home to many cyclists (and the Leaside chapter of one of Toronto’s largest cycling clubs, Morning Glory).

Yet, despite the fact that the sidewalks were recently redone by the city, there is a serious shortage of bike racks along Bayview.

Our family bicycles to Bayview almost every weekend to shop, grab a coffee etc., but often cannot find a place to lock our bikes. Many times we have to lock them to trees (which is bad for the trees) or lean them against buildings (which is not secure and can impede access for others).

Many areas that have branded themselves as “cyclist friendly” have seen an increase in business.

The lack of bike parking on Bayview is a real lost opportunity that hopefully the BIA will seek to address.

Reema Khawja,
Vanderhoof Ave.