Letters – November 2014

Low flying noisy aircraft make music to my ears

Listening to aircraft flying into Pearson, I hear the sound of prosperity.

I hear Canadian business travellers returning from other parts of Canada, the U.S. or overseas.

I hear others arriving to attend conferences or to do business in the GTA and elsewhere in southern Ontario. To the economic benefit of our community.

I hear visitors arriving on holiday, to go the theatre, take in a ball game, visit Niagara Falls. For the economic good of us all.

And I hear the occasional Leaside resident returning from a beach down south, a ski hill out west or a trip to Europe.

All music to my ears.

Tony Koch
Randolph Rd.

You should do a story about the litter pigs

As a newbie to Leaside (eight months, $1.4m poorer) I think you should do a story about the pigs that live in Leaside who throw their trash wherever they please.

You could probably start with Leaside high school students and their lunch purchases strewn all over lawns on Bessborough, Donegall, Parkhurst, etc. Maybe a shout out to the parents for doing a bang up job of raising these filthy creatures.

Then you could move on to the people that leave bagged dog feces on the sidewalk and on top of fences. From there you could talk about the hundreds of cigarette butts on the sidewalks or the trash on top or beside the city garbage cans.

Having lived on Manor Rd., Hillsdale, Broadway, etc. I must say east of Bayview is a deplorable place to live if you like having a tidy and neat lot not littered with McDonald’s cups and Pizza Pizza containers.

Brian Sinclair,
Parkhurst Blvd.

Struck by a total disparity of priorities

In the latest even greater issue of Leaside Life I am struck most by the total disparity of priorities in two significant items.

In one, we read of the ultimate tragedy feared by so many of us residents that, not until one of our precious children is killed, will proper attention be paid to the looming traffic catastrophe occasioned by our pathetic municipal and provincial agencies’ stands on big-box store and directly related traffic issues.

Then I hear at our door our local councillor bleating that city plans dating back to the early 2000s could never be changed. Earlier I had heard he had applauded a pittance given by the largest unwelcome box store towards a new hockey facility.

While our very personal safety and real tranquility are being so threatened by the city’s thirst for tax income and its apparent continued inaction on this deadly issue, I read that the issue of aircraft overflight, which I happen to enjoy, especially watching the beautiful Dreamliner, has occasioned such disproportionate local citizens’ pressure, that this apparently totally destructive issue has reached the level of intervention by our federal MP and the responsible federal cabinet minister wielding her power over relevant industries.

Having been involved professionally in ministerial and federal cabinet deliberations, I can imagine the stir this issue, arising in the great metropolis of Leaside, Ontario, is causing –such a waste of ministerial time and taxpayer funds for an issue that has absolutely no possible lethal consequences.

Seems to me that not even our local MPP/premier has been invited into the Leaside traffic fray.

I find it difficult to comprehend such an overall exercise in absurdity if not futility by our so-called responsible bodies even as our community becomes a killing field.

Ted Ward
Broadway Ave.