Letters – May 2015

Property tax became easier

After 45 years in the same house in North Leaside, we have decided to sell and move on.

Like many Leaside Lifers, we raised our family, tended our garden, and enjoyed the benefits of our community. In the process of trying to throw out stuff that we no longer need, we’ve been going through old files and thought younger residents might enjoy seeing some financial comparisons. Probably the figures are fairly typical.

Our property value soared by 37 times, for an annualized increase of 8.4 percent, while our property taxes increased 9.6 times, or 5.4 percent annually.

Note that property taxes decreased from 1.8 percent of the value of our home to 0.5 percent.

During the same period, our combined income increased 10.2 times (5.4 percent yearly) while our combined income tax went up 5.3 times (4 percent yearly). In other words, we originally paid 25 percent of our income in tax; now we pay only 13 percent.

Isn’t it about time we collectively realized that we get what we pay for?

Marilyn and Peter Broughton,
Killdeer Cres.

Raccoon in pram‘Mr. Tory, get out of here’

A FUN PICTURE that my sister Susan Dutton took in a Leaside garage recently. Quite a surprise seeing her in the pram stored in the roof of a senior’s garage. Enjoy or share in your paper.

Becky White,
Glenvale Blvd.


Go ahead and post if you like – kinda cute. She’s in the dolly pram.