Letter to the Editor March 2019

David Stickney.
David Stickney.

Re: Streets of Leaside

I am glad that Leaside Life, a publication I have long admired, has again recognized my late dear friend Dave Stickney. However, I do feel a need to make some corrections not because I am a retired English teacher but because such a topic does warrant accuracy.

First, nobody lived on Markham Avenue with that address. This made the name change uncomplicated. It should be noted that Ann Brown, with support from Jon Burnside, was the chief instigator of this change. David died at Goulding Park, near Yonge and Steeles. He was coaching the York Mills CI women’s soft ball team at the time. It would be fanciful to think that he died where he played baseball as a child, while coaching Leaside girls, but let us avoid myth-making. He was very involved with The United Church long before his retirement both as a youth leader and church usher. His memorial park bench is next to the stairs that run down from Cameron Crescent, where he lived, to the east end of the Leaside football field. They were called Stickney’s Steps because he took it upon himself to keep them safe after every snowfall, such was his community spirit. The Seon [note spelling] family lived on Parkhurst and sent their Children to LHS. In later years, the Seons were very much David’s surrogate family. I do feel that these corrections are necessary to preserve an accurate record of our dear departed friend. Meanwhile, keep up the good work at Leaside Life!

~Nicholas Mitchell