Are we there yet?

What parent hasn’t heard this familiar question from a child wondering when a car trip will ever, ever end?

But now, it seems we’re all asking this question. Are we there yet? In late May and June, the province of Ontario cautiously started reopening parks and patios, businesses of various stripes, and services…but not so fast in Toronto where the COVID-19 pandemic numbers continued to grow.

However, as we welcome July, even Toronto is feeling the love. And that means shoppers, wearing some imaginatively designed masks (many created by Leaside’s finest), are finally taking to the streets and showing their appreciation for Leaside businesses.

It’s an understatement to say it’s been a tough road for local establishments, even more than for those us working from home and perfecting our Zoom style. These businesses have wondered if they’d be able to pay the rent, reopen with new safety and health protocols in place, retain or rehire staff, and more importantly, if they’d even have customers to welcome back.

Leaside Life columnist Suzanne Park took to the street to speak to some of Leaside’s best-known businesses to find out. Most echoed what Cheryle Challe, owner of Write Impressions, said. “This hasn’t been easy.” But despite acknowledging the extreme challenges imposed by the pandemic, they were also grateful. As Sandy Beach at Dolce & Gourmando said, “We’d like to thank Leasiders for being patient, kind and continuing to shop with us.”

Leasiders are fortunate to live in a neighbourhood with so much to offer. As Toronto continues to open up, let’s show Leaside businesses the love.

We may not be there yet…but we’re getting close. Happy Canada Day, everyone!

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