To the OMB again

Another Ontario Municipal Board hearing coming up. Toronto city council last month denied Aspen Ridge permission to add 98 units to its planned third tower at 160 Vanderhoof, the Scenic on Eglinton.

Aspen Ridge had already applied to the OMB when it was turned down by the city’s Committee of Adjustment.

The 98 proposed units added to the permitted 218 would give the third tower 316 units in the same square footage. The application also sought permission to reduce the parking space ratio from 1.25 to 1.11.

Aspen Ridge said it wanted the change because market conditions favour small condo units. The size of the building would not change.

Councillor John Parker said in a Parker E-News letter that he had sent “a somewhat sharply worded letter” to the Committee of Adjustment “urging that the proposal be rejected…

“Given that I am none too pleased with the original permission to build three high rise towers in the first place, I do not see it in the interest of our community to accept a proposal for 18 storeys of dwelling units each the size of a Rosedale walk-in closet.”