They’ll soon take their wives there

From left John Horn and Cameron Roberts.
From left John Horn and Cameron Roberts. Third person unable to attend.

This review column has already done something good: Both of our reviewers went right home and told their wives they would soon be taken out to dinner, to Rollian Sushi in Sunnybrook Plaza.

“I hope to make this a regular destination in the Leaside area,” said Cameron Roberts, Donegall Dr.

“I highly recommend you spend an evening at Rollian. Just make sure you come with an empty stomach,” said John Horn, Randolph Rd.

“Walking up to Rollian you are met with an elegant visage from the outside that is echoed when you enter. The decor is fresh and you are greeted by the chef behind the typical sushi bar. Unfortunately, there were no other dine-in patrons in the restaurant throughout the course of the evening.” – Roberts

“…on a snowy Monday night, but that worked in our favour. After we had browsed the vast menu for at least 15 minutes, right from the start the service was speedy, friendly and helpful.” – Horn

Before their order started they were given a complimentary small crunch noodle soup.

“The noodles were tasty but the broth gave us all a surprise with how engaging it was. It got my taste buds wondering what the next treat was going to be. A couple of the other starter items we enjoyed were a lightly battered snapper and gyoza dumplings. ” – Roberts

“Some of the best dumplings I’ve ever had, so good we immediately ordered another round. Lots of flavour! Then it was showtime as the rolls began to arrive. California rolls, dynamite rolls, veggie rolls, kimchi rolls and spicy tuna rolls. Great mix of flavours, excellent taste, fresh and what we thought were decent prices.” – Horn

“One of the high points was the spicy tuna rolls that had the right level of heat with a little crunch for texture. Another nice surprise was the Californian rolls with Korean kimchi on top. This unusual combination provided yet another great mix of flavours.” – Roberts

“After we were done we almost needed to be ‘rolled’ out of the restaurant! And if that wasn’t enough I ordered the seven-ounce beef tenderloin dinner, which came with mashed potatoes and a variety of veggies. A nice piece of meat and sides that were just right. A couple of Heinekens mixed in and I was ready for a good sleep.

“After arriving home I couldn’t stop telling my wife what a pleasant experience Rollian was and how a return visit was definitely in the cards.” – Horn

“I have already told my wife that we should go together.” – Roberts

So, we done good.

YOU, our dining critics

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