Rink committee wants to honour WW II soldiers

arena plaque
Do you know any family members of these Leaside soldiers who died in World War II? This plaque mounted near the Wm. Lea Room will be remounted in the new rink in the fall. “It would be great to try to reach out to them and invite them to attend” a ceremony, says Allan Williams, a Gardens board director. , 416-467-6335.

The Leaside Memorial Community Gardens is trying to track down family members or friends of the 17 soldiers whose names are inscribed on the memorial plaque that was taken down from the original arena near the entrance to the William Lea Room.

Board members would like to invite them to a rededication ceremony this fall when the plaque is remounted on the outside of the new rink. In recent years the plaque was somewhat obscured by shrubs and many regular users may never have noticed it. It was removed for refurbishing.

The Community Gardens was opened in 1952, built as a permanent memorial to the 17 Leaside men who died during World War II.

The plaque was originally dedicated in September 1963, during the 50th anniversary of the Town of Leaside. This is Leaside’s 100th anniversary.

The names on the memorial plaque:

Trueman William
Douglas Stewart Brown
Conrad Cromer Evans
Richard Charles Holmes
Vernon John Lazier
William Clothier Leamans
William Robert Merrall
Archibald Allen Muirhead
Walter David Newel
James George Gordon Peterkin
Robert Eric Bowman Pike
Clifford Laureano Rae
Willard Hugh Rowland
Leonard Ogilvy Stalker
Richard John Walton
William Milton Wilbur
James Edward Wilkes

If you can provide any information please email it to the arena board at .