Interesting figures for Terry Fox Run

Some interesting figures for Leaside for the annual Terry Fox 10K run, to be held this year Sept. 15.

Nearby Wilket Creek is the largest site with the largest number of participants in Canada, 3,500 each year. About 400 come from Leaside.

And Leaside schools raise lots of money, with Children’s Garden Junior School, at Eglinton and Hanna, well ahead of the pack, with $8,546 raised last year for a total of $87,740.68 since 1981, when Wilket Creek was first used.

In descending order:

  • St. Anselm School, $4,465 and $34,679.71.
  • Bessborough, $414.51 and $22,088.45.
  • NorthLea, $729.74 and $10,477.47.
  • Leaside High, $189.74 and $3,657.49.
  • Leaside Children’s House, on Millwood, $100 and $3,286.