Eight “Gardens of Distinction” 
Recognized in Leaside

One of the Eight "Gardens of Distinction" in Leaside.
The “Garden of Distinction” at 11 Divadale Drive in Leaside.

Several front gardens in Leaside are the recipients of the Leaside Garden Society 2018 “Gardens of Distinction” awards. These awards are a tribute to the loving care that Leasiders provide to create interesting, beautiful, and welcoming gardens that all can enjoy viewing. Only the front yards are judged!

The "Garden of Distinction" at 5 Heathbridge Park.
The “Garden of Distinction” at 5 Heathbridge Park.

This year’s eight Gardens of Distinction were selected by a nine-member volunteer committee of the Leaside Garden Society. You can spot the gardens by the sign in front of each one.

The garden society encourages everyone to have a look, but please respect the privacy of the owners by not walking on the property.

The "Garden of Distinction" at 143 Airdrie Road.
The “Garden of Distinction” at 143 Airdrie Road.


The "Garden of Distinction" at 175 Hanna Road.
The “Garden of Distinction” at 175 Hanna Road.

Congratulations to this year’s winners that include:
5 Heathbridge Park
444 Heath Street East
215 Divadale Drive
105 Rykert Crescent
11 Divadale Drive
175 Hanna Road
34 Heather Road
143 Airdrie Road

For further information contact the Leaside Garden Society at or visit www.leasidegardensociety.org.