Bennington’s beloved letter carrier responds with a thank you letter


Dan Thornback, letter carrier retires after two decades in Bennington Heights.
Dan Thornback, letter carrier retires after two decades in Bennington Heights.

It’s a dog’s life. The summer is flying by and it seems like yesterday was my last working as the Bennington Heights’ mailman.

On that beautiful day back in June I started my walk and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Starting at Lexi’s with all the orange banners, then to Laci’s and Chelsea’s, everyone had their mailboxes and doorways decorated with balloons, goodbye cards and notes with “We will miss you, Dan” and “Happy retirement,” mostly handmade by the kids and families at each house.

It was the same over at Stevey’s and around to Lola’s on Garden Circle, to Jeffron’s, to Erin, Frances and Isabella’s on Orchard Green, to Lilly’s on Brendan, Charlie’s on Moore, to Faye and the Sweetlands on Burnham to Milli and little Leo on Lumley, over to Chief, Duke and Bailey’s place on Heath, around to Blue and Fergus’s house past Rev. Falbys, the Glebes, then Tina’s house, past the awesome mail shoebox at the Boelaars to the Bowmans and around the corner to the miracle workers, the Windsors, and to Iris and Maureen’s on Bayview.

The party continued past Barb and David’s and Walter’s place all the way past Stef’s on Bayview Heights along Moorehill and the home of the official Mayor of Bennington, Mr. James Dufton and wife Susan, across to his neighbour and guest columnist Sue Barrett (thank you, Sue, for the article in July’s Leaside Life) and Bobby boy too, from the Ratchfords, to Faye’s, past Dillon’s and Penny’s, over to Casper, up and down Red Oaks with Bela and Harper, over to Sydney, Lola, Mulligan, Copper, Harlow, Lilly and Poppy, Sky, Stella, Massi and Stretchy on Bennington, not to mention the homes on Noel…shout out to Poppers, Cali and Sophie.

Barbara Burak and Faye Caswell with help, organized everything including the goodbye party at the school where I was presented with a gift and cards…and delicious cake!

It was awesome. Thank you, everyone.

Love, Dan Thornback