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Each fall the Pantone Color Institute announces its colours to set the tone for the new year. This year the institute chose two colours for 2021: “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating,” a bright yellow akin to a lemon skin. “Ultimate Gray,” according to Pantone executive director Leatrice Eiseman, is “a dependable gray.” In combination with the sunny Illuminating yellow, the new colours reflect the institute’s forecast for 2021 – opening with the grey of the pandemic still with us, but morphing into a vibrant, optimistic yellow as the year progresses.

Now, while I look forward to seeing Pantone’s latest hues each year, I don’t run out and buy new cans of paint to make over our home. But this year, the colours do speak to me in a new way – as a palette to view our current lives, tinged and tinted with pessimism giving over to optimism.

Our writers this issue have clearly caught the mood, too, as their columns reward us with some very upbeat views of the year ahead.

Gardening guru Debora Kuchme shares the latest green trends for our gardens and homes. Think gardening for all, no matter what your level of experience, diversity, and planting for any space, big or small, indoors or outside.

Janis Fertuck hails the arrival of the first Code Ninjas in Toronto, right in Leaside, offering coding instruction for ninjas-in-training.

Ken Mallett offers an update on the very exciting Leaside Heritage project, where a piece of Leaside’s history may be as close as a drawer in your home.

Susan Scandiffio introduces us to a double-threat athlete heading to the University of South Florida. Arden La-Rose is such an accomplished soccer player and runner that the university has accepted her in both sports.

Suzanne Park introduces us to some of Leaside’s street celebrations, where residents have not allowed the pandemic to dampen their spirits.

But the most optimistic note in this issue may very well be the photo of young Harley with his good buddy, City of Toronto garbage collector Lennon. How can you not warm to the new year after looking at that photo?

Here’s to 2021, the year of optimism! Maybe I will buy that Pantone Illuminating yellow paint….

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