Curious Idler – February 2016

curious-idler-one-colWanna buy Second Cup?

The Second Cup on Bayview, just south of Fleming, is for “sale”. The surprise announcement was made recently via a simple card propped on the counter that read: “Enjoy the experience? Own this café!” The printed offering promised: “Together with our franchisees, we will ignite our customers’ passion for the ultimate coffee experience.” One intrigued patron made several calls to a posted number for more details (1-800-569-6318), but each time a recorded voice asked for name and phone number, and promised a reply “within 24 to 48 business hours.” Coffee shop staff had no further details.

Don’t expect to order a brandy with your coffee at Leaside’s Starbucks on Bayview any time soon. Two baristas have quashed hopeful customers’ speculation that a liquor licence was being sought. Starbucks in the U.S. is seeking licences.

Unlucky pedestrians were soaked by spray from traffic when a torrent of rainwater flooded down the north side of Millwood, between MacNaughton and Bayview, in early January. To the dismay of passersby, gushing water from the downpour was obstructed by mounds of asphalt used to seal recently-dug holes.  The pesky mounds need levelling, or more drenchings are ahead for the unwary.

The new LRT crosstown station being built at Bayview and Eglinton will be called Leaside. (The working name on plans had been Bayview.) However, the Laird station will keep its name, reported Metrolinx.

Every class to me was an inspiration,” says Maija Nummi, 81, who has just retired after running ladies’ exercise and acquafit classes at Suomi Koti Centre on Eglinton Ave. for 27 years. Maija taught exercises as a hobby in a variety of places for 60 years.

Discouragingly, after an overnight fall on Jan. 12, snow was still unshovelled in front of nine businesses on the east side of the avenue between Fleming and Millwood at 6 p.m. (Note to realtors: Three stores were empty, but law still requires frontages be cleaned.) Unsafe footing poses risks to passersby. And possible lawsuits, too.

Kudos to owners of the former Sleep Country bedding store on Bayview for quickly removing unsightly graffiti from store windows the same day it appeared.