And now for something a little sexy

Canadian actress, model, dancer, and singer Melissa Veszi, aka “HunnyB.”

Leaside may seem a long way from Saskatoon, but for this rising star—and local resident—it’s one of the reasons she loves our community.

“I’m from Saskatoon, and used to a small town feel,” says Melissa Veszi, “This neighbourhood (Bayview and Eglinton) reminds me of home.”

Although only in her 20s, Vezi  (whose stage name is HunnyB) is making a big impact as a Canadian actress, model, dancer, and singer/ songwriter.

She’s just finished gigs in Las Vegas and the Empire Lounge in Yorkville, and released two hit singles on iTunes: Jack and The Unknown. Jack quickly climbed to the top of the charts and has become a hit on international dance floors.

This Dec. 1, she’ll release a third, Home for Christmas.

“People love my music,” she says, “I bring lots of energy and emotion to what I do, but most of all, it’s all relatable. So many people have gone through what I write and sing about at some point in their lives.”

Described by some as a sexy and sassy performer, Veszi’s pop/R&B style is mostly directed at those under 40.  Young teens particularly love her music, although she warns, “One of my songs should probably be rated 18-plus.

Canadian-born, Veszi adopted the stage name HunnyB because her first name Melissa means honeybee in Greek. “I just loved the translation,” said Veszi, whose parents are actually of Hungarian and Trinidadian descent.

Veszi initially trained in musical theatre in Edmonton but came to Toronto three years ago to get closer to the music industry. Since then, she’s performed across the country, sung the national anthem at MLB games, entertained audiences at the National Ballet, and become involved in both film and television.

Apart from a trip to England in November to perform, Veszi is spending the next few months in a Toronto recording studio working on her debut album, The Time is Now. By producing the CD under her own label, HunnyB Entertainment, she feels she is better able to maintain complete creative control.

“I’d love to have my label picked up by a large record company,” she says, “But only if it’s the right deal.” In the meantime, anyone interested in listening to her vibrant style of pop with a mix of soul, can check out her mix tape on line at