Sarah sets a BIG record

Claire, 7, and Sarah Jordan, 11.
Claire, 7, and Sarah Jordan, 11.

Sarah has done it again, in a BIG way, with help from her little sister and a local food merchant.

Sarah, 11, and Claire Jordan, 7, of North Leaside, broke the record last month raising at least 35,000 pounds of food (by our deadline) for the Daily Break Food bank, compared to 21,573 pounds last year.

Half their goal of 24,000 pounds was donated by Peter Neal, of Rykert Cres., and Chris Neal, of Neal Brothers Foods, in conjunction with Nutshell stores: 12,000 pounds.

The girls almost hit their goal with just their expanded School Challenge, hitting 23,196 pounds in what they called the Battle of Bayview.

This year they added schools outside of Leaside: Maurice Cody and Blythwood. Those west-of-Bayview schools won the battle with 12,620 pounds, compared to 10,665 for Northlea, Rolph Road, Bessborough and Bennington Heights.

Headquarters for the food drive once again was Tremblett’s valu-mart, where friends of the young girls helped pack food in the basement early last month and there was a barbeque outside. That day Kraft Canada donated $10,000 to the food bank.

Other sponsors were real estate agent Patrick Rocca, Fitwall on Bayview and Leaside Dentistry.

Sarah started her drive six years ago at Northlea school when classmates, neighbours and the day care raised 300 pounds of food.

Sister Claire helped this year with a Claire’s Corner on Sarah’s web page, where she wrote about healthy foods.