New MC for 100 gala

Leasider David Sparrow, a comedian, actor, writer and director, is replacing Colin Mochrie as one of two headliners for the Leaside 100 gala April 27.

From Leaside 100

Web: We’ve had terrific support from N49, a web design firm putting together the Leaside 100 web page, with financial help from local businesses who became web sponsors. If you’ve not worked on something like this, you would find it hard to appreciate all the tiny details that need to be worked out.

As this is being written, we’re nearly there. I hope when you check, you’ll find it fully operational. Two special sections you’ll want to return to again and again – one on notable Leasiders, (where you are welcome to submit additional biographies), and the other on photos from years gone by. Again, additions are welcome.

Archival Exhibit: The Leaside Library is our gracious host for an exhibit with photos and text on The Layers of Leaside starting on Tuesday, April 23 and finishing on Sunday, April 28. Make sure you take the time to visit this exhibit, which is being produced with help from Ryerson University.

Trees: Since most of us see the neighbourhood front yard trees more regularly than we see those in the back, that’s where we’re concentrating our initial efforts to increase the tree canopy in Leaside. Can you say that your entire block has at least one tree in each yard?  Can the same be said for your whole street?  If you live in an apartment or condo building, have you talked to your landlord or board about increasing the green?

Official Ceremony: Tuesday, April 23 at 10 a.m. at the Leaside Library will see the official commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the corporation of the Town of Leaside. This will also be the official opening of the Archival Exhibit. We invite you to join us.

More special events are planned for May – keep Sunday, May 5 available to join in on a variety of free local walks and an evening hymn sing at Leaside United Church.

See the Leaside 100 Gala ad for details and timing. If you wish to order tickets, and don’t have a computer, please call 416-392-0215.