LAST MONTH’S Winners of the pet contest

Pet Contest winnersN° 1:  Chloe at Millwood Chiropractic & Massage, with 62 votes out of 126. The raffle winner for Chloe was Ken Ramstead, Leacrest Rd. ($25 gift certificate to Fukui Sushi, 1612 Bayview.)

The other three winners, in order of preference, and the raffle winner:

N° 2: Lucky, at Absolute Beauty, on Bayview (Jennie Montford, Airdrie Rd.)- Facial and manicure, Absolute Beauty, 1517A Bayview.

N° 3: Sir Percival, at Sleuth of Baker Street, on Millwood (Jane Bradford, Randolph Rd.) – $25 certificate to Fukui Sushi, 1612 Bayview.

N° 4: Mojo, of Bonnie Byford Real Estate, on Bayview (Hugh L. Innes, Bessborough Dr.) – $25 certificate to Mt. Everest Restaurant, 804 Eglinton East.