Keep the Leaside character – this is not Yonge & Eglinton

From the 781 respondents providing written comments on the proposed Eglinton-Laird development we’ve chosen seven for a glimpse into the thoughts of Leaside residents.

Against the development

“Area schools are already full to capacity, with portables present. Where is the plan to accommodate the needs of families moving into these buildings?”

“This is not Yonge & Eglinton.”

“A 22 percent increase in dwellings is far too much for an already crowded neighborhood. Schools are already at or near capacity, traffic is already bad and will continue to get worse as the Leaside Business Park continues to grow. A more modest low- to mid-rise set of condominiums seems much more reasonable and less invasive.”

“I support intensification along Eglinton, but I believe it should be more in keeping with the character of Leaside. I support mid-rise buildings that will allow intensification but also permit neighbourhood cohesion and community.”

“Main concern is the increased traffic though the residential streets and also along Brentcliffe, Laird, and Eglinton. Currently, getting out of Leaside going east is horrendous with traffic along Wicksteed, Laird, McRae, Brentcliffe. Millwood and Eglinton are nearly unbearable at times. I expect traffic along those streets will be at a near standstill during peak hours if this development is allowed to go ahead.”

For the development

“The demographics alone show that children are on the decline so in a few years the schools’ capacity will be increasing as the number of kids going through the schools is decreasing. Let progress happen. If we let the snobs in Leaside decide we would still be in horse and buggy and lighting the gas lamps on the streets at night.”

“I am, subject to some concerns, in favour of this project. Despite potential concerns (there always are) with a project of this magnitude, there is a very positive outlook for the Leaside neighbourhood in particular, and the city in general. The major positive effect will be on the tax base. Properly managed, this will be a very beneficial development for Leaside.”