Almost 92 percent of respondents gave thumbs down for 939 Eglinton

The results of the LPOA survey about the proposed development at Eglinton and Laird, 939 Eglinton, show that 2,169 individual responses were received (once duplicates and out of area responses were removed) from the M4G postal code out of a total of 6,623 households.

There was at least one response from over 25 percent of Leaside households.

Almost 76 percent of respondents were aware of the development proposal prior to receiving the survey.

Almost 92 percent of respondents felt that buildings over 11 stories were inappropriate for this site. Only 5.5 percent thought it appropriate.

An overwhelming majority of the respondents (92.7 percent) didn’t think the development was appropriate for Leaside.

Furthermore, 90 percent thought the number of dwelling units was excessive for the site. Interestingly, over 40 percent were either in agreement with the amount of retail and office space provided for or didn’t disagree with it.

Other issues concerning residents and expressed by a majority of respondents included traffic, overcrowding of existing schools, increase in population, increase in on-street parking, impact on community safety and shadowing by the proposed tall buildings.

About one third of respondents (731) provided additional written comments regarding the proposal. Well over 90 percent of them indicated the proposal was too big, too dense, too high and out of character for the Leaside area.