In our Hood – October, 2014

The community welcomes its 14th annual Bayview Art Tour and Sale Oct. 4, and 5, featuring the work of different artists in different venues. Leaside locations incude 53 Aidrie, 109 Rumsey, 19 Kenrae, 51 Laird and 1 Laird (All Canadian Self- Storage with several artists on display). One of this year’s participants, Linda Lundstrom, is no stranger to Leasiders. For many years a resident of Bennington Heights, Lundstrom’s original head office and factory used to be in the Business Park. After reinventing her company in 2010, Lundstrom now focuses on natural fabrics, linens, leather and furs. “I’m having a ball,” she says, noting that her design philosophy today celebrates the Japanese idea of “imperfections as beauty,” known as Wabi Sabi.

The newly renovated Sobeys on Laird Dr. “re-opened” with fanfare mid September, expanding by 10,514 sq. ft into the space formerly occupied by the LCBO. A highlight of the morning was the presentation of over-sized gift cards to both the North York and Daily Bread Food Banks. Originally from Cape Breton, store manager Joe Hastie was on hand with his Maritime charm to greet well-wishers. 

Parents and kids in North Leaside have a new crossing guard at the corner of Sutherland and Broadway. Northlea Public School principal and the parent council had brought the need to the attention of Councillor John Parker, who managed to get the request to the chief of police to the top of the list. Following a one-day study, consideration was granted that same day. There are now five crossing guards in Leaside. Another for the corner of McRae and Millwood is pending.

Most people have now noticed the new no turn on the red light rule at the corner of Millwood and McRae. Police are stationed “watching the corner,” initially just giving out warnings. But that will change! Consider yourself warned.

There’s no end to the wide variety of music in Leaside. Local singer/songwriter Kelly Allen is contributing her talents to a fundraiser in memory of Georgia Walsh. The event will be held at The Leaside Pub Oct. 18 with proceeds to the Sick Kids Foundation. Carmen Lasceski recently renovated her violin studio at 1560 Bayview, where she’s  been giving violin lessons the past two years. Lasceski lives in Leaside and describes her work as “not a typical commercial endeavor” but one that is highly artistic in nature and also involves giving back to the community in an artistic setting.

Northlea Public School Home and School Council held its annual “welcome back” BBQ and fun fair Sept. 11, an annual event that draws hundreds of families, even past alumnae of the school. The bouncy castles, face painting, great food, animal show and music all made going back to school just a little more pleasant!