How we voted

Leaside voters mirrored the shift to the Liberals that saw Rob Oliphant elected in Don Valley West on Oct. 19 as part of a Liberal majority government.

Liberal support was highest in South Leaside with 57 percent, 54.6 percent in North Leaside and 50.7 percent in Bennington Heights. For the respective areas Conservative percentages were 36.4, 38.7 and 43.8.

The overall vote for Leaside plus Bennington Heights was 55.8 percent Liberal and 37.6 Conservative. The NDP got 4.2 percent in that area.

In the overall Don Valley West riding the percentages were Liberal 53.8, Conservative 37.6 and NDP 6.

In Bennington Heights almost 87 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot, while just under 81 percent did in South Leaside and just under 77 percent in North Leaside.

Voter turnout in Leaside was again higher than in surrounding neighbourhoods. Leaside has consistently had among the highest voter turnouts in Ontario, in all municipal, provincial and federal elections over the past decade.