Hope they do better next year

Leaside Flames
[/media-credit] A SUPER SEASON, with 22 wins and no losses for the Leaside Flames, was fun, says head coach Matt Angus, at right, “which is more important than achieving a result.”

(They did tie 4 games)

On April 12 the Leaside Flames Tier 1 hockey team capped a spectacular season winning 22 games, losing 0 and tying 4.

They won the NYHL Atom championship 5-1 beating George Bell Navy that day at the Pavillion Ice Arena in Thornhill.

The trophies were distributed at the League All Star game April 27 at Downsview Arena.

Just as important as the victo-ries, say the coaches, is enhancing the sense of team spirit and friendship.

The players’ sense of spirit and solidarity, says David Thomson, the team manager, extends to the change room and beyond. “We want respectful competitors,” he says, and attributes that success to the parents who support the team financially and by ferrying the kids from game to game.

Head coach Matt Angus agrees. “We have fun and enjoy the game of hockey, which is more important than achieving a result. The more kids care about each other, the more fun they have,” he says.

Each year, over 40 kids between 10 and 11, from all schools in Leaside, try out for the team.

Asked if he intends to sign up to coach next year, Angus says, “When you sign up you wonder if it is the right thing to do, but when you have years like this it’s really rewarding.”