Ford Nation keeps Leasiders out

LPOA Mayoral Debate Oct. 7, 2014A sort-of subdued Doug Ford came to the mayoral candidates meeting in the Leaside arena Oct. 7, but his usual large band of supporters didn’t behave well.

They also took up so many seats that many Leasiders had to be turned away from the door.

That’s why the Leaside Property Owners’ Association had asked in writing that each candidate not bring a large number of followers.

But this was the Ford Nation, the same ones who appear at every candidates meeting. They made a frequent ruckus and with their clapping and shouts at the end of the meeting sounded like a Russian mob under orders.

They held aloft large Ford signs and incanted loudly, “Ford more years”.

It makes you wonder if they were paid clappers.

Ford and John Tory were at each other often during an evening of wild political promises. Olivia Chow told them to stop the bickering.

Otherwise there was one incident worth recounting.

Ford said he was all in favour of heritage and is a history buff. He loves watching the Discovery channel and reads history books.

That got a laugh from the audience.

But he didn’t get it. “I don’t know what’s funny about that,” he said.