Everything on schedule for our new ice rink

Construction and fund raising for Leaside’s second arena are on schedule, despite October’s heavy rains when no work could be done, says Expansion Committee Chair Paul Mercer.

“We’ve run into the minor delays and issues typical for a project of this scale – the underground service drawings from 50 years ago don’t show as much detail as we might have hoped, and that kind of thing – but so far nothing we haven’t been able to work through,” said Mercer.

He’s optimistic the new arena will be ready in time for the start of hockey and skating season next September.

The fund-raising goal now, after successfully getting to $2.5 million this past January, is for $3.5 million by September 2013 when the doors open.

“The good news is that we’ve already passed the $3 million mark,” says Mercer.

The new money “would cover some necessary costs not part of the construction contract, reduce the amount that has to be borrowed and so keep financing costs down, and ultimately keep ice rates as low as possible in the future.”

Donations of any amount can be made through the East York Foundation by contacting the arena. There are also naming opportunities, including for the new rink itself. When the double arena opens, the existing rink will be known as the Bert Grant Rink following a major donation from a local family.

“If someone out there would like the new rink to be named for your company or in honour of a family member, please get in touch,” says Mercer. “We’d love to hear from you!”