December Letters to the Editor

The selfishness over flights is mind boggling

Subject: Planes flying overhead

I recently read your article(s) about Leaside residents complaining to various levels of government about this supposed issue.

I live on Bayview (nearest intersection Parkhurst Blvd.) and the traffic noise most times of the day is high. But you don’t see me complaining about it. Do the people of Leaside have nothing better to do than stay up past 1 a.m. to listen for planes flying overhead?

It’s NIMBYism to an extent I did not think possible.

A quote from Peter Malozewski: “It is clear to all the residents affected by this intolerable noise issue that this is the first step in a larger fight, a fight to protect our rights to enjoy the peace of our communities we have worked so long and so hard to build…We did not buy into this issue preexisting. We were not consulted. This was simply done to us and we won’t sit back quietly and take it.”

I suppose these so-called builders of Leaside would prefer that the planes fly over Scarborough or some other less pristine community.

I’m appalled that my tax dollars are going to John Carmichael spending his time listening to these elitist snobs who probably have flown on some of those planes flying overhead. The people complaining are likely the same ones who complain about their lattes at Starbucks on Bayview or one of the other coffee shops in the area.

The selfishness is mind boggling.

I read a story like the one about Sarah Jordan and I feel a sense of pride in the community. I doubt Sarah is wasting her time belly aching about planes overhead. She’s too busy making a difference.

John Carmichael should be spending his time helping Sarah do more. Instead he’s sitting in on whining sessions. This story represents the worst of Leaside and some of the people that live within it.

Will Ashworth
Bayview Ave.

Harder to get complaints heard

I was interested by your readers’ complaints of increased air traffic.

Aircraft noise has always been a huge concern for me.

My complaints to the Harper government’s Ministry of Transportation (now Ministry of State Transport) met with stock responses, citing out-of-date research figures.

One interesting development was an increased difficulty in locating someone to hear complaints. The original hotline number in the phone directory’s blue pages mysteriously disappeared.

Recently, a phone number appeared under an Internet listing, unavailable to those without Internet access.

Office hours for this number are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., which limits access for someone wishing to complain in the middle of the night, hoping for immediate relief.

I found this option extremely frustrating.

Barbara Falby
Heathbridge Park

Sadly, building fails to deliver

Re: John Parker’s article, Laird had become a back alley (November issue)

I am thrilled to see John’s emphasis on enhancing Laird Dr. with, among other things, pedestrian-friendly store fronts. He quotes the new TD Bank at 211 Laird as an example.

Sadly, on close inspection, this building fails to deliver. Go and have a look.

It, like all the others, has turned its back on Laird. The only entrance is around the back through the parking lot. We’ve made a start but there is much more to be done to force developers to consider the community and not the car.

Phil Penney
Millwood Rd.