A semi-detached house was listed for $1,698,000

October 2015 street sales
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What does it say for land prices in Leaside when only five semi-detached homes were sold in Leaside this past October for an average of $1,151,000? That high number was caused partly by two semis across from Trace Manes Park, which were listed for $1,698,000 each.

More proof that so far there’s no softening of the real estate market in Leaside and Bennington Heights:

This past October a total of 20 homes were sold compared to 27 the previous October, with the average price of those 20 homes $1,556,617. That was a whopping 23.6 percent rise in the average price.

The increase was even higher for detached homes, up 29.8 percent to an average of $1,731,238.

The figures for the current October to October 12-month period are much smaller for average price, only 4.9 percent higher, but the total number of sales was down by 30.8 percent for the previous October to October.

Jethro Seymour is a broker at Johnston & Daniel. All figures are from the Toronto Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service.