A laneway runs through it

Some Leaside laneways.
Full disclosure – there’s a laneway named after me. Krawchuk Lane runs parallel to Millwood and Malcolm between Randolph and Millwood. You read the story of its naming in Leaside Life’s August 2017 issue.

But mine isn’t the only laneway in Leaside. There are five other laneways crying out for recognition in the form of a name. A City-supported laneway-naming initiative is in place (see http://thelanewayproject.ca/) and already engaging communities across Toronto.

Councillor Jon Burnside is inviting public involvement in Leaside’s laneway-naming process. I’m hoping this article will be the spark to get that started. He did offer one caveat though: since there are already a number of variations of the Lea family name in our community, other surnames would be preferable.

Where are these laneways, you might ask? One is in North Leaside, running parallel to Eglinton and Donlea between Laird and Sutherland – the one where the police organized graffiti-covering art. I’m sure many of you know the one parallel to Bayview and Donegall between Millwood and just south of Parkhurst. Two others make a matched set. They both travel north from Lea Ave., one between Randolph and Sutherland and the other between Sutherland and Airdrie. The Randolph laneway stops just beside the fire hall. The Airdrie one comes out at McRae. And the last one? A bit of a wiggle – it comes off Bayview from north of Airdrie, looks like a driveway, and goes past the newish Kelvingrove apartments lining up with the backyards on Heather and ending just south of SAHIL (Stay At Home In Leaside) on McRae.

Looking for naming ideas? Here are some tips:

1. Avoid duplication with other names already in use in the City of Toronto.

2. Go for a name that’s meaningful to the neighbouring residents.

3. Engage your neighbours in the discussion.

We want to hear your ideas for laneway names.

Write to us at .

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Lorna Krawchuk is publisher of Leaside Life. She is actively involved in St. Cuthbert’s Church. Her volunteer activities with the Leaside Property Owners’ Association led to her being elected a Councillor in the Borough of East York for 9 years before amalgamation in 1998. She also held a variety of volunteer leadership positions with the Girl Guides of Canada for over 30 years. Lorna has been a Leasider since 1968.