Totum Life Science’s Stacy & Tim Irvine: in love with Leaside


The Irvine Family
The Irvine Family

On a stroll through Leaside, you may have noticed a gleaming Airstream. Or perhaps you were one of those fortunate enough to catch this famous glamper’s makeover on CityLine last year.

The travel trailer belongs to Leasiders Stacy and Tim Irvine of Totum Life Science, who traverse the distance every summer to visit family in Saskatchewan.

Totum Life Science is a boutique fitness studio in Toronto, offering classes as well as nutritional counselling, physiotherapy, youth training, and more. “As owners, we felt there was a lack of adequate fitness facilities in the 1990s, which led to the formation of Totum Life Science,” Stacy tells me. “With professional health backgrounds, we were motivated to provide a more thorough approach to clients in the healthcare field. Our focus remains helping, not selling to clients, and is the foundation for what continues today.”

With five locations including their most recent venture with Medisys Downtown, this couple is on the go, literally. All three children – Matt, Estella, and Jackson – are immersed in Leaside sports, including Single A hockey (both boys) and Nitros soccer (Estella), as well as AAA Baseball (Jackson), and Mooredale football.

Full confession: I have known Stacy and Tim since our 12-year-old sons started at Rolph Road PS nine years ago. Since then we have watched our children grow and thrive in the community.

How did they end up in Leaside? “We outgrew our cool downtown loft after Matt was born. Knowing friends in Leaside was enough to get us to have a look and put in an offer on a house on Southvale and that was it,” says Stacy. Since then they have moved to a larger house on a different street but remain in South Leaside.

I asked Tim and Stacy how they maintain balance between running a business and raising three children. Stacy tells me, “We are very fortunate that Totum is a business that involves the whole family. Working long hours to get Totum started also allowed us to see each other, thankfully. The hours are not as intensive now and there is more flexibility to coach our kids’ various sports. The Totum Youth Training Academy also allows us to see our kids at work when they attend the workouts. We also coach our children at the Summer Conditioning Camp.” Through these programs Stacy and Tim are able to meet many young athletes and parents from Leaside who come in for training or rehab.

“We appreciate having a business that serves the community that we care about. It also makes the workday more fun when we run into someone from Leaside at the studio!”

What does living in Leaside mean to the Irvines? “Moving to Leaside was one of the best decisions we made,” Stacy affirms. “Having grown up in a smaller city in Saskatchewan, we relate to the community feeling in Leaside, which is reminiscent of home.”

This super active family is more than enamoured with all that Leaside has to offer, from schools to sports. “I love Leaside because I get to play with all my friends and my friends live close to me,” says Jackson. Estella adds, “I like to be able to walk everywhere with my friends.” And Matt chimes in, “I like everything about Leaside and there are so many fun things to do.”

Article by Susan Poaps.