Make top of Parkhurst one way?

With Metrolinx’s station construction at Bayview and Eglinton Aves. and the corresponding lane reductions, more and more drivers are looking for alternate routes.

Unfortunately, one of those is Parkhurst Blvd. Although traffic levels on Parkhurst have been an issue for many years, the situation is worsening.

The intersection of Parkhurst/ Soudan and Bayview is of increasing concern given the number of accidents, some of which involve pedestrians using the crosswalk.

As drivers try to avoid Eglinton, they are taking the “mirror” streets of Soudan and Parkhurst. This not only adds to the number of cars in the neighbourhood, but the attempt to cross Bayview can be dangerous and often blocks traffic travelling along Bayview, adding  to the confusion at the intersection.

The other issue is cars turning left onto Parkhurst which, depending on the time of day, is in contravention of the turn prohibition.

The obvious question is: What is the solution?

While I have received requests to make this a signalized intersection, this is not something I favour. In my opinion, this would only serve to make it easier for traffic to enter the community, the last thing that we want to do!

One potential solution I’ve been exploring with my South Leaside Traffic Committee (SLTC) is making the top end of Parkhurst (and Fleming) one way westbound.

This would not only prevent traffic turning left into the neighbourhood but also stop traffic entering from eastbound Soudan as well.

Given the implications for the west side of Bayview, I will be working with Councillor Matlow as we move forward.

There is much work to do before the SLTC and I present our suggested plans to the community so please call or email my office to share your views and ideas.

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Jon Burnside is City Councillor for Ward 26.