Leaside Community has its fill of dog poop


If you’re looking for some contentious online conversations, look no further than the Leaside Community Facebook group that local resident Robyn Hochglaube administers. It’s a great way for residents to weigh in on a wide range of local issues.

A discussion thread entitled “Your doggy poop is your responsibility” recently caught my interest. Having been a dog owner, I understand the issue of dog poo.

Living across from Trace Manes Park we see the constant parade of dog walkers over morning coffee. Generally, they always pick up. So much so that most of the garbage in the park bins is doggy doo. I have asked the park supervisor about installing pet waste stations but have had no response.

Here’s the post that started the heated debate.

“Your doggy poop is your responsibility: Over the past few weeks the owner of a large dog or small elephant has been leaving a very full and flimsy plastic bag in our CLEAN Green Bin. Apart from the lack of consideration and courtesy, these bags dissolve or break leaving a filthy stinky mess for us to clean up. This happens to us on a Thursday and no doubt to others on other days. As this is a recent experience, it is either a new dog, a new resident or perhaps a child given a task without being taught social responsibility. Unless I am especially lucky this must be happening to other Leasiders, also. Leaving your dog’s mess on or in other people’s property is illegal. To all dog owners who do this, please stop so that I don’t have to take a day off to catch you and prosecute you. Thank you!”

The comments flowed. Here are a few of the more indignant ones.

“A young woman deposited her dog’s bagged poop into our green bin right in front of me. She was unrepentant when I explained that I didn’t want her poop in our bin. We have two dogs – we have enough poop to manage without being forced to take on the responsibility of someone else’s!”

Amen to that said another Facebook user.

“I agree. I have a small dog and ALWAYS pick up her poop and dispose of it properly. Makes dog owners look bad when people don’t clean up after their dogs. What is wrong with people?”

It is such a common occurrence these days, and not just in Leaside, that TV shows are also weighing in on the subject, suggested another comment.

“Hey, anyone been watching the new HBO series Billions? This issue came up in episode three. Very, very funny.”

Spoiler alert. The New York District Attorney, played by Paul Giamatti in the show, makes a guy whose dog pooped on the sidewalk pick it up with his hands after the guy thought he could just walk away with impunity. Not on TV you don’t.

And you shouldn’t in Leaside suggests another poster who believes it’s time for a little street justice.

“I’m a dog owner and I’m appalled at what I see too!! I’m ready to set up surveillance and prosecute because it makes all of us look bad!!

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