Leasider’s debut novel is a page-turner

“She knew she was being unfair, and she felt guilty. What kind of person was she turning into? Until today she had never imposed on anyone’s goodwill in this way, and she was horrified at herself. But she had to have the McBride case, so similar to her mother’s tragic murder sixteen years ago. Cartwright should know this. She’d told him about her mission in life, her vow to someday catch the perp. But she also feared that he might demand a price she wasn’t willing to pay.”

What does a person do after retiring from a life-long career focused on protecting the environment?

How about write a mystery novel? That’s exactly what Leasider Ken Ogilvie decided to do following a successful 30-year career in the environmental field. Ogilvie’s career included almost 15 years as the executive director of Pollution Probe.

Her Dark Path Cover

In his first crime mystery novel, “Her Dark Path,” published by UK-based Joffe Books, Ogilvie introduces the reader to Rebecca Bradley, a young policewoman who dreams of becoming a homicide detective. Set in the fictitious, forgotten remote town of Conroy, near the shores of Georgian Bay, the thriller has Bradley meeting an interesting (and secretive) cast of characters as she works to uncover the mystery around an unsolved murder. “Her Dark Path” is a page turner that Ogilvie hopes will be the first in a trilogy.

Available locally at Sleuth of Baker Street, 907 Millwood Rd. or online at amazon.ca