Harley and Lennon – A COVID-19 friendship

Photo by Susan Scandiffio.

The ability for toddlers to hear garbage trucks within a five-kilometre radius is like a dog hearing a high-pitched whistle. Adults don’t know how they do it, but both sounds send each set of creatures bounding. When now 5-year-old Harley was a toddler, he loved garbage days. As trucks went down the street, stopping at each house to pick up the bins, Harley would walk beside them and wave to the collectors.  Soon, one collector noticed his weekly fan and made sure to honk the horn and wave back. What started as a weekly wave soon became a friendship. One week, the collector got out of his truck, removed his gloves, Purelled, shook hands with Harley, and introduced himself. Lennon. A huge smile. A huge heart. And a friend to Harley. Keep an eye out for Lennon. He’s a special guy. And yes, his mom named him after John. “Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends. …”

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