Get fit, be fit, stay fit with Leaside trainer Tom Toth

Photo Aous Poules.
Photo Aous Poules.

Ahhhh… new year, new you. Amirite?

But we all know the story. For every resolution made, five get broken.

Studies show that the most common new year resolutions involve exercise, weight loss, healthy living or lofty athletic goals like marathons or climbing mountains.

But many people abandon these goals for a range of issues including boredom, injury or lack of motivation.

That’s where Leaside trainer Tom Toth comes in, with the answers to help people keep their fitness resolutions.

With two decades of experience and multiple certifications, Toth has worked personally with clients in Leaside and surrounding neighbourhoods in their homes and, as of earlier this year, at Endeavour Sports Performance and Rehabilitation on Bayview.

Toth caters to clients’ specific situations. Whether they’re new to exercise, nursing an old injury or feeling like they’re in a rut with their current routines, he’ll design a program that works.

In terms of New Year’s resolutions, Toth comments that “what gets people into trouble the most is getting into something too quickly” or moving their body in incorrect ways.

But for those who do have injuries, medical conditions and other obstacles to fitness, Toth has the knowledge and experience to restore movement in clients’ lives.

He has worked successfully to bring active movement back into the lives of clients with joint replacements, arthritis, fibromyalgia, knee, shoulder and hip pain and many other issues.

“You can improve your condition at any point. You can have an injury for 10 years which can still be fixed,” Toth says.

He is always studying and uses his nutrition certification along with his ongoing studies of biomechanics, training techniques and physiology to deliver safe and effective tailored programs for each client.

He adds, age is no barrier to leading a healthier, fitter life. When it comes to those of us in later life, by continuing or restoring mobility, Toth works to ensure his clients live happier and healthier lives.

As he rightly comments, “there is no downside to exercising.”

So go on and make those resolutions. Tom Toth will ensure you keep them.

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