Carolyn Hayes trains for life – and health

Personal trainer Carolyn Hayes. Photo Hilary Hardie.
Personal trainer Carolyn Hayes. Photo Hilary Hardie.

Renowned American doctor Dr. Kenneth Cooper once commented that “we do not stop exercising because we grow old, we grow old because we stop exercising.” At 92 years young, Cooper is a shining and fit example of the benefits of movement.

It’s this lesson of exercising in one’s later years to be healthy that personal trainer Carolyn Hayes brings to her clients. With her current clientele ranging in age from 82 to 95, Hayes emphasizes that no matter what the age, people can always continue or begin to exercise.

Hayes was a kindergarten teacher for 12 years and tutored for several more before gaining her accreditation as a personal trainer 10 years ago.

The most important message she imparts to her clients is that with balance and strength, falls and injuries are less likely. It’s vital, she notes, not just to age, but, as she notes, “… to be functional.”

The bulk of Hayes’ clients live in their own homes but she does have some clients living in retirement homes. She’s worked with seniors with Parkinson’s, those recovering from strokes, falls, and surgeries. And she’s worked with seniors who have not had any accidents at all.

Tricia Barry, the daughter of one of Hayes’ clients, notes that she had “noticed deterioration in (her mother’s) balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength. We appreciate that Mom really enjoys Carolyn, looks forward to her twice-weekly sessions and that there is dedicated, regular attention to maintaining Mom’s mobility, dexterity, strength and balance.”

Hayes loves her job and truly enjoys the fact that while she has imparted important lessons and training, her clients have also taught her so much. Their life lessons as models of determination, resilience and communication have been impactful.

With her positive and caring attitude and her cheerful disposition, Hayes is an exceptionally talented trainer who brings strength as well as motivation and friendship to her clients.

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