Alison Ma awarded 2023 Leaside Life Goldhar journalism award

The 2nd annual Ruth & Harry Goldhar Journalism Award was awarded at the Leaside High School commencement ceremonies on June 27th. Sponsored by Leaside Life, this year’s $1,000 scholarship went to Alison Ma. This impressive all-round student, following her upcoming university studies, hopes to enter the healthcare field, specializing in pediatric care.

In her award application Alison shared that “since middle school, my artistic persistence, pursuit, and passion for the written word have seeped into my academic and personal life in various ways. Throughout my high school career, I sought opportunities to explore my creative potential: I hosted creative writing workshops with The Ripple Foundation to foster creativity among elementary school students and became president of Leaside’s Young Writers Club. I also entered several fictional writing contests, supporting Young Writers Club members as they did the same.  However, I believe my commitment to creative writing is most evident in the completion of a 50-thousand-word manuscript. From this multilayer process, I polished technical writing techniques while extracting transferable skills – such as self-discipline and patience – for personal and professional aspirations. Although my creative writing journey has been time-consuming and taxing at times, I am resolute in assuring that my creative efforts will culminate in published works.”