Will 2024 be the year of traffic safety in Leaside?

Traffic in Leaside. Staff photo.
Traffic in Leaside. Staff photo.

As we head into the new year, I encourage you to be aware of upcoming opportunities to make an impact on Leaside’s traffic issues.

You will recall that, near the end of 2023, Phase One of the Leaside Neighbourhood Transportation Plan (LNTP) was released, and North York Community Council gave the go-ahead for local polling to take place on its traffic-calming recommendations.

As fine-tuning of the plan continues, consultation with residents regarding its proposed changes is due to take place shortly.

I am told by Councillor Jaye Robinson’s office that before doing the actual polling, Transportation Services will be mailing a notification letter to those Leasiders whose homes would be directly affected by the specific measures proposed. The letter will include more information on the measures. As well, there will be further background regarding the overall plan and how the polling process works.

Contact information will be included in these notification letters in case you have questions, so that these can be addressed before the polling actually begins.

Councillor Robinson asked that the letters be sent out promptly early in January, to avoid holiday delivery delays, with the polling itself to be mailed a few weeks later.

The other Leaside traffic-related issue which attracted quite a bit of attention recently was the City’s Transportation staff recommendation to install a traffic signal on Bayview Avenue at Sutherland Drive, to create a safer crossing for pedestrians and cyclists at that intersection. The question is whether a traffic signal is the best answer.

Councillor Robinson’s motion at the November NYCC meeting sent the matter back to staff to look at alternatives, and called for more local consultation to find an effective solution which is also acceptable to the community. At this point, it appears that a new staff report will probably be on the agenda of the North York Community Council in February.

May your 2024 be bright!

The Leaside Residents Association wishes all Leasiders a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, and remind you that we welcome your comments and questions. We also encourage you to get involved! Attend our monthly board of directors meetings in the Trace Manes building at Rumsey and Millwood. It’s a good way to keep up to date on Leaside issues.

Although these board meetings generally take place on the first Wednesday of each month, at 7:30 p.m., our next meeting will be on Wed., Jan. 10th. To reach us, visit leasideresidents.ca and press the Contact Us button, or use leasideresidents.ca/contact-us.

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