Tour de Thorncliffe is back!

Building on the success of last summer, the Gateway Bike Hub, Women’s Cycling Network and Thorncliffe Park Autism Support Network (TPASN) are repeating the Tour de Thorncliffe bike-a-thon. The goal for 2022 is to raise $10,000 to run an eight-week free camp for kids with autism. TPASN has secured federal funding for student counsellors, and donations from the Tour de Thorncliffe will provide the rest.

“For some kids, especially those who have high needs, this camp is the only option to spend summer meaningfully. Dozens of parents are endlessly grateful to our community for this opportunity,” says TPASN founder Shakhlo Sharipova.

How can you get involved?

Be a rider and collect sponsors, sponsor a rider or make a donation. The Tour de Thorncliffe starts with a kick-off event on June 18th and runs to July 16th, when it will wrap up with community celebration. Learn more at


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